Please familiarise yourself with our Delivery Contract terms below.

It is important to understand the Delivery Contract to allow effective communication between the school and Mind of the Student. We appreciate your understanding and support with this.


This Delivery Contract is intended to summarise the free services provided by Mind of the Student and the responsibilities of the school when using Mind of the Student services.

By signing and returning this document the School warrants that it will meet all relevant obligations.


  • Mind of the Student provides their service at no cost to the school (if applicable).
  • If the school is unable to fulfil their side of the commitment without reasonable reason,
    which causes financial implication to the Charity or impacts on the Charity’s ability to help young people elsewhere, delivery and future collaboration will be stopped.
  • Mind of the Student will raise any concerns with the allocated member of the School Senior Management Team.
  • Each party commits not to make any disparaging remarks about the other or generally about Mind of the Student or to take any action, which may bring the other party into

Mind of the Student will:

  • Deliver the mental health training day, on a preferred date to the school.
  • The programme will always be in person however if Government guidelines change,
    this can be facilitated virtually.
  • Where appropriate send pre-programme lesson plans and resources to be completed by the
    students that helps to prepare them to get the most out of the day.
  • Liaise with the allocated staff member to confirm date, timings, and resourcing of facilitators.
  • Gather feedback from teachers and students attending sessions.
  • Provide a feedback summary of the students’ surveys to schools when provided.
  • Follow-up with the school to debrief on the day; what worked well and what could be adjusted and to discuss booking future mental health training days.
  • Mind of the Student reserves the right to make no further bookings should feedback forms not be completed satisfactorily (expectation of minimum 75% return rate on all surveys).

The school will:

  • Commit to facilitate a mental health training day once date has been
  • Provide a date for us to visit and facilitate a mental health training day.
  • Liaise with Working Options (Booking Provider) if any changes to the date occur.
  • Make sure that the students complete the pre-programme lesson plans and resources
    to supplement the training day.
  • Share survey link and make sure all students complete a Feedback survey before
    leaving the training day or as soon as possible after the training day.
  • Commit to a minimum 75% return rate on feedback surveys from the students and
    100% from Tutors.
  • Share any photos, articles or posts related to the day with Mind of the Student or Working Options.
  • Complete a school survey to provide the number of students that attended any training day
    and information on the mix of students in terms of gender, ethnicity and those eligible for
    pupil premium or FSM.

Face to face sessions:

  • Ensure there is an adequate number of staff members to help facilitate a mental health training day
    and monitor student behaviour.
  • Ensure that there is a suitable room booked for the session with the correct
    equipment – laptop or PC with a screen and the ability to play audio.
  • Make every effort to reserve parking space(s) for Mind of the Student staff if they are

Virtual sessions (only applicable if Government guidelines change as a response to COVID-19):

  • Share virtual link as appropriate.
  • Ensure at least one teacher is online for the whole training day if virtual.
  • Follow all safeguarding requirements around virtual sessions.
  • Moderate chat and question and answer facility.


Mind of the Student will always endeavour to deliver the training day as originally planned, however, in the rare case that Mind of the Student must reschedule they will aim to provide at least 14 days’ notice to the school and will book an alternative date and time to run the training day.

If you as a school need to cancel, we ask that you also provide at least 14 days’ notice to Working Options (Booking Provider). If you decide to cancel the training day, less than 14 days before the said delivery date, our standard cancellation fee will apply which is £260 – this will cover any pre-planned travel arrangements for our staff and other reasonable costs incurred to us as charity. This must be paid within 28 days from the original training day date.


By entering into this agreement, the school warrants that it shall be liable for and shall indemnify Mind of the Student against any liability, loss, claim or proceedings arising under any statute or at common law in respect of any acts of negligence or omissions by it or its staff, servants or agents arising in connection with the school responsibilities under this agreement.


Should a school wish to make a complaint about the provision of the service they should contact the Director, Kieran Goodwin [email protected] or Head of Programmes, Jaylan Sesli [email protected].