Inner Canvas workshops are facilitated by a trained Art Therapist, Assistant Psychologist, and volunteers.

Art therapy is less known, and widely unavailable on the NHS, but it’s benefits are considerable. A study published by The Arts in Psychotherapy found that 81% of young people reported improvement in their overall psychological health after participating in art therapy sessions.

Our Inner Canvas workshops enhance emotional expression, increase self-awareness, improve coping skills, reduce stress and anxiety, strengthen interpersonal relationships, and better self-esteem. We hope to see our young people experience a sense of empowerment, greater resilience, and an improved overall sense of well-being by engaging in our Inner Canvas workshops.

To find out more about this programme, or to make a referral, please email us.

Please note: Children and young people can only be referred to this programme by a qualified professional, a school wellbeing team, or local authority wellbeing team.