Students deserve the right to mental health education giving them the resilience to succeed in school and later life.

Let us take some of the strain your school is facing in terms of delivering mental health support. We equip entire school communities with the necessary tools to help overcome anxiety, depressive symptoms, exam stress and social media worries.

Mental Health Workshop Day Details

Session Length: 1 hour per year group (approx.)
No. of students per session: up to 350
Age suitability: 11-18
No. of sessions per day: 4 (min)

Workshop Day Topics

This workshop day has been co-designed by teachers, health care professionals, students and parents. The workshop day includes comprehensive education on mental health in the following topics:

Key Stage 3 (Years 7, 8 and 9)

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Confidentiality
  • Social Media

Key Stage 4 (Years 10 and 11)

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Confidentiality
  • Exam Stress

Workshop Day Topics

Each topic that is discussed has been carefully designed by a team of clinicians (alongside teachers, students and parents) providing your students with the most up-to-date knowledge on mental health. Each topic in our training day provides in-depth knowledge, as well as tips and tools to manage mental wellbeing independently.

Our workshop day helps take some of the strain from your school counselling and pastoral services, as we are equipping entire school communities with necessary tools to combat some of the most common mental health worries students are facing, which in turn can improve exam outcomes and employability.

Additionally, we have developed fun and educational videos form our clinicians including Dr Chuks, who discusses the topics in further detail by providing professional advice and how to seek help.


Nearly 80,000 young people suffer from severe depression in the United Kingdom.

Many students have experienced some form of depression and anxiety throughout their lives. Mind of the student aims to reduce the stigma and introduce the conversation on these important topics.

Our workshop day is designed to not only educate students on what depression is, but help them understand how it can make you feel and what can help if you are experiences any signs and symptoms.


1 in 6 young people will experience an anxiety problem.

Additionally, young people are up to 80% more likely to report symptoms of anxiety than adults. The amount of young people that experience anxiety issues is continuously increasing. Although we cannot solve everyone’s problems, mind of the student aims to reduce the stigma attached towards anxiety, which allows for the conversation to be more widely acknowledged. If we can encourage our students to be more open about how they are feelings, then we can help fight suffering in silence.


Professionals can only tell other people your information if you say they can, or if they have to.

Many students that we work with are worried that their information is not kept private and this has been known to affect their ability to reach out.

Our workshop day aims to educate students on what can and cannot be shared, limiting their biases on reaching out.

Social Media

Younger people say that 4/5 major social platforms make their anxieties worse.

Our workshop day aims to reduce the stigma attached to using social media, and educating students on the realities of using social media, including exercises displacing truths on edited media and student case studies expressing how they feel towards using social media.

Exam Stress

Every student experience some type of stress towards their exams. This is a normal part of growing and can affect other parts of our daily lives such as sleeping or motivation.

Our workshop days are designed to equip students with useful tips and techniques that they can use in their everyday lives, to combat the normal stressors towards exam.

Workshop Day Feedback

“The facilitators were relatable for the students, they were open about their own struggles. They took the time to listen to even the really quiet students at the back of the hall. Taking the time to approach them and listen. The booklet handout was well received with many of the students holding onto them. the booklets were well put together without overloading the students with information. Comments from the students after the presentation was were all positive. With the students volunteering positive feedback. including how useful they found and how good it was. I was very impressed myself too.”
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Southchurch High School
“I liked how the facilitators were interacting with the students. There was lots of walking through the aisles to get responses so it wasn’t just people from the front.”
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Coopers School
“The high quality mental health programme was underpinned by an NHS doctors, which was a great addition to the content being delivered! Thank you for visiting our school!”
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Sanders Draper School
“Well done for what you are doing. If you had been to my school when I was a student, I suspect my experiences would have been a lot different and certainly for the better.”
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Chelmer Valley High School
“The section on social media was excellent and really got the pupils attention. This is relevant for our kids right now.”
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Ortu Gable Hall School
“Really engaging and students were able to listen and partake without losing focus and able to tailor the workshop around our schools timings.”
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AIM North London
“The most successful aspect of today workshops are the interactive activities which enable students to visualise different situation in order to understand the mental health topic. The sub- topics are bespoke to their need which they can closely related and make use of different relaxation technique.”
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Oasis Academy Hadley
“Really liked how the workshops engaged the students. The analogy model of the stress bucket, the wellbeing booklet and the strategies such as the box breathing technique.”
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Hall Mead School
“The resources mentioned was great, support, strategies to cope with feelings anxious and stressed. Relatable for the pupils.”
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Royal Docks Academy
“Visual activities and student practical engagement – thank you”
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Cecil Jones Academy
“The content and professionalism of speakers was great”
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Royal Greenwich Trust School
“I really enjoyed this workshop it was interactive and a lot was covered”
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Harris Academy Rainham

Workshop Day Pictures