We touch the lives of many students across the country through our mental health workshops.

Below we spoke to three students at Bower Park Academy, who told us how Mind of the Student helped them with their mental health.

Many students deal with similar issues as to those mentioned below, whether they are big or small, educating young people on mental health is crucial. It just takes one step, one crucial piece of information, that one service to sign-post to… our work does make a difference.

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Mollie – Year 9

Before we visited Bower Park Academy, Mollie had been suffering in silence with her anxiety and felt scared she would be judged when reaching out for support.

After our mental health workshop, Mollie had the confidence to reach out because she realised she was not alone in her feelings and that other students were feeling similarly.


Nathan – Year 8

Nathan had been feeling low and unmotivated about school. He began feeling isolated from friends and quiet in class.

When discussing depression in our workshop, Nathan realised that his feelings needed to be addressed so through our sign-posting Nathan now speaks with a counsellor twice a week and has joined the school football team.


Maria – Year 10

During Maria’s mock GCSE exams, she felt overwhelmed with study and could not enjoy going out with friends due to the pressures and stress exams had been causing.

Through our workshop, the activities and tools we delivered, Maria was able to focus again on spending time with friends but also balance studying in a healthy way.