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Mind of the Student awarded funding from the 4814 Trust

Mind of the Student (MOTS) has been awarded funding from the 4814 Trust for their school mental health workshop programme.

MOTS provide high-quality clinically-informed mental health education to young people in UK schools, through a unique, mental health awareness programme, which aims to give young people the knowledge and understanding to recognise their own mental health needs and the support pathways available when in emotional distress.

Death by suicide remains one of the leading causes of death in young people across the U.K, according to recent data published by the Office for National Statistics. Mind of the Student workshops encourage students to talk about their mental health with one another and signposts them to crucial, life-saving services which can offer additional support when in crisis.

Research by MOTS, collected via their pre-workshop questionnaires, found that 67% of students do not feel confident in reaching for mental health support while 49% of students do not feel confident in calming themselves during emotional distress; which demonstrates the need for their work, in schools today.

“At 4814 we’re always looking for ways we can help ambitious and entrepreneurial charities committed to making a big difference and tackling crucial issues to make a better tomorrow. In Mind of the Student and their mission to improve mental health provision in schools, we have found another inspiring organisation doing just that. We couldn’t be prouder to be supporting the incredible work they do.”

Tom Bedwell, trustee the 4814 Trust

Mind of the Student workshops empower young people to understand, manage and seek support for their mental health needs, and ensures that every student from every school they visit, receives education on mental health from Year 7 to Year 11.

“We are incredibly thrilled to find out that the 4814 Trust has awarded us significant funding, which will support us improve our current services being offered to schools and expand our reach allowing more young people access to our workshop programme. Mind of the Student look forward to working with the team at 4814 to further our mission of advancing mental health education across London, Essex and Kent.

Jaylan Sesli, COO and Head of Programmes, Mind of the Student

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